Intra-Oral Cameras

Even with mirrors, it is difficult to see anything other than the front of your teeth. However, with an intra-oral camera, patients can view potential dental conditions in their own mouth. All tartar and dental plaque become illuminated by the camera – you see your teeth the way the dentist does. These images can be magnified up to 20 times for easier visibility and can be stored and maintained in your record.

Intra-oral cameras also allow you to understand more clearly what procedures might be necessary for you and why. Plus, the intra-oral camera allows your dentist to see what would be invisible to the naked eye, therefore enhancing the ability to complete the work necessary.

Now you can just sit comfortably back in the chair while your dentist or hygienist inserts this handy camera into your mouth. Then you have the option of watching the images to see how well you’ve been doing with your dental hygiene.